5 Lessons To Learn As An Investor From Lord Ganesha

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Markets and mythology may seem miles apart at first glance; however they are not as you would come to know below.

Think about the big picture

Lord Ganesha has a large head which helps him to think ahead of time and build solutions for potential problems.

One of the lessons as an investor is to think about the big picture. It helps to unravel trends ahead of time and make changes while the going is good. for eg:You have invested funds in mid and small cap since the last 3 years but now large caps are doing better. Had you made the timely shift you would have saved a decent amount of profits ahead of the fall.

Be Discerning

The Lord has a discerning eye. It helps to know the core of the problem faster and build solutions accordingly. As an investor one needs to be careful on one’s asset allocation and strive to beat inflation. It is needed to avoid fancy ideas which are not grounded in reality. Such an approach helps to maintain wealth and grow it.

Build a investor group of likeminded people

The lord has a large trunk which helps him to cool off during hot weather.

Similarly as an investor one needs to have a peer group which helps to cool off supposedly bright ideas at one’s end. This prevents a lot of investment mistakes and helps to ride the upside over a period of time.

Have a strong mind 

In Markets volatility and uncertainty can reduce your returns in the short term. However if you have a strong mind like Lord Ganesha you can truly achieve your potential as an investor.

Warren Buffett made his billions after he crossed 60 years of age. He has the wisdom to stay invested through the journey.

Enjoy the fruits of your investments

Lord Ganesha is fond of eating Modaks.In the investing context modaks signify returns, dividends and income regardless of the asset class one likes. It could be equity, debt and real estate.

It is important to benefit from your returns as that helps to stay motivated to fulfill ones goals. One of our clients takes an international holiday every year on the basis of the investments planned for him.

May the Lord shower his wisdom upon us and achieve our goals smoothly.

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