Our belief is that the clients should get the right value for money.As an extension of our belief we are offering Top quartile allocations across Mutual Funds, Portfolio Management Schemes, Alternative Investment funds with an Integrated Reporting systems. Also we do not have a fund house bias or suffer from an investment banking mandate choice internally.

What is Top quartile?

It  is the top 25% in performance in any fund/portfolio management science/alternative investment funds across 10000 plus opportunities in the investment universe.

Our experience is that clients see a 3-4% higher return than index funds. Since Mid 2017,our clients have rarely felt the need to change portfolios. This helps them to focus on things they like instead of juggling through investment options.

Our challenge to you is to find a similar proposition in totality. If you do lunch is on us anywhere in Mumbai. If you feel the need to talk about your future request to email at investments@ashianafinserve.com or whatsapp us at +919930181344.

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