All of us want a magic lamp which can take care of our needs throughout our lives.

But does the lamp exist?

It exists within our capability and consciousness to make informed decisions.

Financial markets worldwide are getting more integrated and a deeper understanding is necessary to convert our savings into wealth.

We help you discover the GENIE in you through

  • Clear Definition of Financial Goals and their trade offs
  • Suitable ideas to help you achieve the goals
  • Continuous updation to help you make relevant changes to your portfolio and your financial wellbeing.

Our scope of services includes but is not restricted to

  • Setting of Financial Goals: Success is about starting right at the right time.

We help you frame financial goals which enhance your financial wellbeing and create a fulfilling life.

e.g: Buying a home/Second Home, Planning for children’s education, a comfortable lifestyle post retirement. 

  • Allocating your hard-earned savings to different and relevant asset classes such as equities, debt, PMS, Private Equity, Structured Products, Indian/International Real Estate & second homes helping your money earn a real rate of return.
  • Assisting you with Loan Services to optimize your leverage levels through Home Loans and Loan against Property.
  • Tax advisory for Individual needs from an Indian point of view.

Our team looks forward for an opportunity to be service to you.

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