Marriage is a celebration across the world. If one is not careful finances may suffer.
Below are a few tried and tested ideas which make your journey easier.
Make a List of what is Important to Both the Spouses
 It is important to understand what is relevant to both the spouses from a life plan point of view .A life plan aligns your interests/passions to your spending/investing and saving habits to help you live a fulfilling life together. One may like to spend on an area which the other may not consider relevant; however it may be useful to the family.
The way to do it is to follow the SHAADI Diktat.In a lighter vein there is no alternative to implementing it.
S-set objectives
H-Have a spending/investing plan
A-Act on the plan
A-Adapt to changing circumstances
D-Develop Knowledge about finances
I – Increase Incomes
It helps establish priorities and build a strong foundation for the future.
Make a Budget and Stick to it
 Once the first step is done the budget can be made basis  Fixed expenses-like electricity bills, maintenance/rent, grocery, medical expenses, mobile bills, mediclaim, and insurance Variable expenses-travelling, eating out, shopping ,Savings.
The way to implement it is Income-Savings = Expenses. Once initiated on that basis many things become easier from a longer term point of view. For e.g.: If one earns 1 lakh per month and needs a saving of 30000, then expenses need to be aligned accordingly to achieve the goal.
The reason most Budgets fail like most diets is it is not fun to implement it. Making a   spending      plan in order of what is fun and sticking to the limits is a good way to ensure savings are in place.Eg: The household income is 1 lakh rupees per month. Your spending plan is 15000 rupees on fun activities per month. It creates a trigger in the mind to stick to the plan. If you like to travel then you might want to allocate it towards that or you might want to save for that iphone you have in mind
Increase Passive Income
 There are certain expenses which are variable like travel expenses. It can take care of the increase in expenses which happens post marriage like socialising, buying the latest phone/Smartphone. Some relevant options are Liquid funds: One has the ease of withdrawing the funds without exit loads. Generally for most liquid funds exit load is not applicable after one week. The interest can take care of regular recreational expenses like eating out, going to movies, travelling.
Equity funds: Given the current tax situation it is very difficult not to pay Long term Capital gains tax if one has a sizeable portfolio. The government has given an exemption of 1 lakh per annum per person for Long term capital gains tax basis applicability. These options can be considered by couples to achieve aspirations financially and have a good future.
Start a Financial Date
 In many Indian households the wife does not know about the financial savings of the family. It creates a vacuum as in a situation if something were to happen to the spouse then the other spouse may not know’ where the savings are deployed and can result in a loss of family savings. It is necessary to have a financial date once/twice in a yearto review finances and see whether the ship is moving in the right direction and at the needed pace.